Lunatic Soul releases new video for ‘Hylophobia’


“Hylophobia, also known as Xylophobia, is the irrational fear of wooded areas”Having released the new album, Through Shaded Woods, to huge acclaim from both fans and media alike, with Prog Magazine describing it as “one of the most richly evocative, melodically powerful records he’s made under any name”, Lunatic Soul have premiered a new clip for the track “Hylophobia”. 


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The latest Lunatic Soul album, “Through Shaded Woods”, talks about overcoming darkness and finding inner light, and the title “shaded woods” are a synonym of our fears, traumas, and nightmares. In this new video, created by my friends from the Sightsphere we tried to create a visualisation of what those fears and nightmares may look like. So let my dark imaginings carry you on a mysterious journey and I really hope you don’t suffer from Hylophobia. ”  Mariusz Duda. 

Following on from the heavily electronic sound of previous albums Fractured and Under the Fragmented SkyThrough Shaded Woods is completely devoid of electronics and is the first album in Mariusz Duda’s discography, on which he plays all instruments. On this album number seven, Duda has extended his musical explorations into new and darker areas that include Scandinavian and Slavic folk, after finding his inspiration amongst the nature and woodlands of his childhood home in Poland. Within these dark metaphors and references the listener will discover an album becoming musically “brighter” as it progresses – from the atmospheric introduction of “Navvie” through to the title track, which leads the listener to a melodious, trance like “Oblivion”, echoing the style of Dead Can Dance.

Through Shaded Woods is available on CD; 2 CD featuring a bonus disc of 3 additional tracksincl. “Hylophobia” and a 26-minute suite called “Transition 2;  black vinyl LP in gatefold sleeve and digitally and is available to order HERE (

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