Being „alive“ is beautiful music video REGEN interview:

1.What feeling were you trying to convey with theses visuals?

The music video is about the Covid situation we all deal with since quite a year now. Businesses are
dying, people struggle to survive and get lost in a spiral of worries and concerns.
I wanted to show the situation of most people who get „soaked“ in this dark night, this dark time
where it only rains and we need to dance between the raindrops struggleing to survive financially
and somehow mentally.

2.How does this video relate to the meaning of the song?

The video shows me taking a walk in the night symbolizing everybodies walk of life.
During the video the rain (which is symbolizing the actual situation or other simular bad situations
in life) pours all over me and is finally soaking me completely until the end of the video.
This overall means, that we all take a walk of life and sometimes (for a period of time) it is a very
dark, cold and a lonely walk of life out there in the rain, BUT!
We keep on walking whilst holding our heads ap!

3.How long a process was it?

The walking scene came spontanious when I was driving late at night to my boyfriends place.
Haha! The look on his face has been priceless, as he saw me coming home to him completely
soaked and wet from all the rain 😀
After that I took a longer break, because I needed to write the song and complete the album first.
The filming of the other footage (Me singing, my guest singer, close ups, etc) took me a good week
and the editing took me at least 3-4 weeks, because I work as a caring nurse and I hadn´t had the
time to work full on it everyday.

4.Did the process of making this video suprise you? What was your favorite part?

I got to admit, that it wasn´t my first music video I have ever done. I am honest. I love having video
ideas and realizing them when I am filming them, but I HATE EDITING!
Everytime I end up with so much material and if you wanna do a decent video, the sighting and
editing will become a second full time job!
But definetly my favourite part has been walking in the pouring rain getting soaking wet and feeling
the cold air of the night, whilst the water was running down my shivering body.

5.How many people were involved and what did they do?
There has been 3 people involved.

My mom helped me to film some small scenes, when I was sitting on the drums.
Stevie Steel appeared as a guest singer, because on the song itself he sung his part and I wanted him
to be seen as well, because HE ROCKS!
And there has been me. I was involved into everything. I did the filming, the editing, the cutting,
graphic design, the song itself and I perforomed all the instruments and sung my parts in the

6.What colors represent the palette of this video and what do they represent?
The video overall is dark. I was putting up some lights in front of my guest singer and me, which
shall symbolize a little glimpse of hope during that dark times.
To me it was very important to have also raindrops on the screen, because it fits so nicely to the
scenes when I am out there in the rain.
My selection of clothes has been my blue blousedress, which I was wearing randomly as I made the
quick decision to take a walk through the rain.
Because of that decision I was wearing the same blousdress also in the other scenes to make it look
as one when all the scenes has come together.

7.Do you like to watch your own music videos?
No. I hate it.

  1. Are there people you’d like to thank?
    I wanna thank you for doing the interview with me and I wanna thank every reader, friend and fan
    who has supported me! Stay safe and keep your heads up!!!
    You can watch the video here:

Interview by Danielle Kail

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