Finnish esoteric electronic band Aryokal release NEW single Vexilla

Aryokal is a Finnish band that creates esoteric electronic music. Antti Ruokola is responsible for the band’s compositions and soundscapes while Pekka Loponen handles the vocals. The band’s influences come on a large scale from bands / artists with a darker atmosphere. You can hear influences on the new single, Vexilla, from artists like Ulver, Nick Cave etc. 

Vexilla was released on January 21, 2021 on Aryokal’s Bandcamp page. The single will be released later on the most common digital platforms. The duo is set to release more new music later this year. Vexilla has been mixed by Antti Ruokola and is mastered by Jussi Hämäläinen, familiar from Hanging Garden and Mercury Circle. 

Listen to the new single below on their BandCamp page:

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