Mountain Hermit/Silenced Minstrel Split

The name of the split is called “Dark Musings Of The Ages” 

Track list:
-1- Mountain Hermit – “Among Trees” (07:06)-2- Mountain Hermit – “Towers in the Storm” (08:00)-3 – Mountain Hermit – “Transilvanian Hunger” (Darkthrone Cover) (06:10)-4- Silenced Minstrel – “Dirge Of The Eternal Winter” (04:46)-5- Silenced Minstrel – “Ex Lucis Tenebris” (05:05)-6- Silenced Minstrel – “Canto Diablo 3 – Plagued By The Future” (04:31)

Here is the YouTube link where you can have a taste of our split:

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