“The Faithless” presentan portada de su nuevo trabajo “Reflections on the Blue Side” (NDP “The Faithless” present cover of their new album “Reflections on the Blue Side”)

“Reflections on the Blue Side” is the enigmatic and suggestive title of the new album by Vitoria’s The Faithless, the third of their discography.

Presented with a spectacular cover designed by the Warbanner team, it represents a step forward in the evolution of the band, this time with lyrics with a more personal theme and an elaborate sound based on Rock and Metal that is already its hallmark. With this album they have managed to surpass their brand new predecessor “Fighting the Shadows” of 2018, which took them to the stages of the whole country.

As on previous occasions, they have recorded at the Silverstar studios of Iker Bengoa, one of the most renowned producers in the whole of the Basque Country.

This new album is made up of ten songs full of catchy choruses, progressive passages and epic atmospheres, all composing a direct and seamless album.

Undoubtedly this is the work that will finish consecrating them, confirming what they have already been aiming for since their formation.

“It is time to reflect and allow our spirits to merge with the cosmos … welcome to the other side …”

 It will be released by the Demons Records label. And it will be released on CD and vinyl (black and splatter).

The departure will be for January, it will be with a special price during the preorder and it can be obtained in these three modalities.
-CD ► https://www.demonsshop.com/cd-heavy/22700-cd-the-faithless-reflections-on-the-blue-side.html
-Vinyl ► https://www.demonsshop.com/vinilo-heavy/22701-vinilo-lp-the-faithless-reflections-on-the-blue-side.html
-Pack Vinyl + CD ► https://www.demonsshop.com/vinilo-heavy/22702-pack-cd-lp-the-faithless-reflections-on-the-blue-side.html



Spotify ► https://open.spotify.com/artist/2dtaeiSGURvXJJfOuRsj4d?si=arw99zyuQLOewDmRezKlKg

Youtube ► https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCB5cPZDCGX07LzCLvM29Uzg/about

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