In the wake of the tragic deaths of fellow Texan musicians, vocalist Riley Gale (POWER TRIP) and guitarist Wade Allison (IRON AGE), TEAR DROP is paying homage to the hometown friends with a cathartic cover of TYPE O NEGATIVE‘s song “Love You To Death.” The track can be found on the band’s upcoming EP, “Did You Wanna Love Me To Death,” that’s out on September 25th via Static Era Records.


Vocalist Griffin Jarzombek provided the statement below about the loss of Riley and Wade and the impact they had on the band and community:

“I’ll just start by saying It’s hard to put into words what Riley Gale and Wade Allison have meant to me all of these years. Coming up in the Texas music scene is no easy task and your music has to hit hard in order for you to catch more than just a look or a listen. Authenticity is currency. You can’t fake the culture or you’ll get snuffed out real quick. “Hard” isn’t just a buzzword, it’s a way of life for this community Riley and Wade embodied this not only in their music, but in literally everything they touched.

As Texans, we’ve always had a chip on our shoulder in the hardcore and metal domains. It’s not that we weren’t respected, we were always respected, but we were never flashy, never shiny, and always under the radar. All of that changed with Wade and Riley. When I think of places like California, New York, Washington, there’s always a set of bands and sounds that come to mind. The early 2000’s in Texas, in hindsight, was an explosion of a particular sound and culture that manifested out of what we built, what THEY built. I eat Wade’s riffs for breakfast. I hear Riley screaming in my head every day.  How else can you articulate that?

The soundtrack of my youth (and my whole life for that matter), has been and will always be a drowning heavy blues riff, overly distorted and harmonized, with a violent scream drenched in reverb coming over the top. 

When they cried, we cried, when they bled, we bled. That’s facts. Rest in peace to two of the greatest.”

TEAR DROP‘s cover of “Love You To Death” follows the release of their original single “Forever Scarred,” also featured on the upcoming EP along with a cover of YOUTH BRIGADE‘s “Did You Wanna Die.” 

TEAR DROP is a newly formed hardcore/metal band featuring vocalist Griffin Jarzombek (ex-BITTER END), guitarist Patrick Flanigan and drummer Ely Castillo.

For More Information:
IG – https://www.instagram.com/teardrophardcore/
FB – https://www.facebook.com/teardrophardcore
Bandcamp – https://teardrophc.bandcamp.com/
Label – http://staticerarecords.com/

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