VAMPIRE release third single “Serafim” and lyric video from their upcoming album “Rex”


Deep in a musty, age-old cellar of old town Gothenburg, Vampire have been plotting something wicked…again! In 2020, frontman Hand of Doom, guitarists Black String and Sepulchral Condor, bassist Command, and drummer Abysmal Condor proudly present their third studio album, “Rex”, which proves to be a tremendous sonic and compositional highlight in their career thus far. Today, the third single “Serafim” is released.

Hand of Doom says about the single:

”This was the first song title we had for the album, and its style lead the way for all the others and for the album title as well. However, these were the last lyrics to actually be penned. Inspiration struck unexpectedly one dreary October morning as I pondered the famous monologue at the end of the film Blade Runner: “I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe”. What follows is probably the best simile of all time. Hugely inspirational and obviously impossible to outdo.” 

The video, filmed and edited by David Aje Forsberg can be viewed here:

Black String states:

“”Serafim” is one of my faves on the “Rex” album. I’m especially honoured that my old childhood friend David Forsberg (of Skogen Brinner fame) helped us out with the video for the song. He basically took his own Vampire footage from seven years ago and made a really disturbing “Serafim” video out of it.”

The album “Rex” will be released on June 19th, 2020 as vinyl, limited edition CD digipak and on all digital platforms.

Limited bundle offers are available at the band’s web store:

Limited clear vinyl (200x) and red vinyl (400x) are available at


VAMPIRE – “Rex” (39:46)

01.Prelusion (0:42)

02.Rex (3:08)

03.Inspiritus (3:54)

04.Wiru-Akka (4:19)

05.Pandemoni (3:15)

06.Moloch (5:49)

07.Rekviem (3:26)

08.Serafim (4:02)

09.Anima (6:21)

10.Melek-Taus (4:50)

Recorded in Studio Nacksving in 2019-2020
Engineered by Command and Isak Edh
Mixed by Oskar Lindberg at Seven Gates Studios
Mastered by Jaime Gomez Arellano
Artwork by Mitchell Nolte

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