ISLE OF THE CROSS Release New Video For Single ‘Inferno’

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Progressive-death metal band ISLE OF THE CROSS have unleashed their new video ‘Inferno’ in support of their debut album Excelsis” released this past February via Rockshots Records.

Watch it at this link

Band founder Je Schneider explains the video:

“Dante Alighieri was born in Florence, Italy in 1265. Dante’s Inferno, widely hailed as one of the great classics of Western literature, details Dante’s journey through the nine circles of Hell. This video includes Part II and III of the final realm of Dante’s Inferno:

The 9th Circle; Judecca and Inferno.

The 9th Circle, Pt. II. Judecca:

Judecca is where Dante gives a quick summation of his journey through the Inferno and as he approaches the final realm of the 9th Circle, he now from a distance sees Lucifer himself. Lucifer is enchained and deeply rooted in the lake of ice. The surrounding bodies within this region are completely covered in ice and there is no sound or movement. They cannot cry or communicate at all. 

The 9th Circle, Pt. III. Inferno:

Dante finally reaches the final ring of the entire Inferno. Beatrice makes her appearance more apparent and tells of her unending love and guidance for Dante. She and Virgil, Dante’s guide from the very beginning, emphatically encourage Dante to finish his journey as this realm proves to be the toughest of all. The entire Divine Comedy is summed up in the final words of the song which were written by Dante: Salvation’s path begins in hell.

The 9th Circle, is known as The Circle of Treachery and is considered the most evil because it opposes God’s greatest gift to mankind, love. The four rings are ordered in the degree of which they oppose love. People are expected to love family, country, and friends so the three outer rings are less severe. The inner ring is the ultimate sin because that is treachery against a benefactor, which violates a love that is freely given.”

You can also listen to Dante’s Inferno score by Je Schneider in its entirety:

Infusing a blend from the avant-garde realms of extreme, symphonic, melodic and technical death-metal, ISLE OF THE CROSS is led by composer and multi-instrumentalist Je Schneider.

The debut full length “Excelsis” is a concept release based on a tale of two lovers amidst betrayal, murder and their search to reunite in the afterlife. From the immediate and vicious thrust of the opening track ‘Sacrifice’, the listener is quickly catapulted into an enigmatic journey of sonic power. From the furious to the melodious opuses on the album, the listener is enveloped in a dynamic exploration until the very end. At the heart of ISLE OF THE CROSS is the conveyance of depth, poignancy, and redemption through the endurance of tragedy.

‘Excelsis’ was produced, mixed and mastered by Je Schneider.
Album available at Rockshots Records’ official store –
Apple Music

Music Video – ‘Sacrifice’

Track Listing:
1. Sacrifice (4:14)
2. Tartarus (8:25)
3. Excelsis (4:35)
4. The Wolf, Pt. I. Invocation (1:09)
5. The Wolf, Pt. II. Sanctuary (7:20)
6. Stars (6:25)
7. Empyrean (7:42)
8. Paradigm (4:21)
9. Breatheia (5:57)
10. The 9th Circle, Pt. I. Caina (2:28)
11. The 9th Circle, Pt. II. Judecca (0:53)
12. The 9th Circle, Pt. III. Inferno (8:34)
Album Length: 1:02:04

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