Paganland to release 4th full-length album in 2019

Ukrainian Pagan/Black metal band Paganland to release highly anticipated 4th full-length album in 2019 and  unveil rehearsal video:

Updated Paganland line-up:
Ruen – Keyboards
Eerie Cold – Guitars
Lycane – Drums

Guest\Session: Monolith – Vocals, Bass

Gods of Golden Circle Demo 1999
Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors / Carpathia Split 2008 [Black Art Productions]
Wind of Freedom Full-length 2013 [Svarga Music]
Fatherland Full-length 2015 [Svarga Music]
Pidperezanyi Dukhom EP 2015 [Independent]
V Sertsi Karpat Single 2015 [Independent]
From Carpathian Land Full-length 2016 [Svarga Music] / 2018 re-released by Hidden Marly prods in Japan with exclusive bonus – demo 1999 in Digipak format. Also on Cassette format in Germany by Sturmglanz Produktionen.
XX Years of Paganland Live album 2018 [Azermedoth Records]
TBA – 2019

PAGANLAND was founded in 1997 by Ruen and Bilozor in Lviv – one of the most beautiful Ukrainian cities, whose developed traditions incorporated the European cultural spirit of the last millennium, and every stone breathes with centuries-old history of decline and revival, wars and temporary rest.


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