Desertfest, Antwerp October 12-14, 2018 Preview

Desertfest, Antwerp 2018 Preview

12-14 October, Trix, Antwerp, Belgium — The time and place to be for one of the greatest doom, psychedelic, sludge, stoner and heavy rock highlights of the year.

Great names of the genre will come together from many parts of the world to offer three days of pure reverie with slow-to-mid tempos, low tuned guitars and thick sounds.

Get lost into a heavy and torn atmosphere that the festival will, for sure, create for each and every visitor. It is beyond excitement to see again great bands like Lethvm

whose latest album,”This fall shall cease” carried me to the darkest corners of my life- , Orange Goblin, Lucifer, Enslaved, Krakow, High on Fire, My Sleeping Karma, Crowbar or Amenra. Better have a look at this killer lineup and be there, you genre enthusiasts!

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