DEIPHAGO complete new HELLS HEADBANGERS album “I, The Devil.”

Legendary black metal band Deiphago – arguably the most violent band on the planet, as well as one of the most envelope-pushing – have completed recording for their highly anticipated fifth album, to be titled I, The Devil. Set for international release later this year via Hells HeadbangersI, The Devil was recorded May 13-18 at Godcity Studios with esteemed producer Kurt Ballou (Converge). Mastering will be done by Brad Boatright (Audiosiege), and the legendary Joe Petago returns to do the album’s cover art.

Featuring eight songs in approximately 38 minutes, I, The Devil sees Deiphago taking their ever-singular “Experimental Hyper-speed Satanic Bestial Metal” down avenues both more violent and more angular. No other nowadays metal band sounds this extreme – extreme violence, extreme progressiveness, extreme EXTREMITY – and I, The Devil shall prove, once again, that Deiphago are truly in a league all their own. If the Colin Marston-produced predecessor Into the Eye of Satan displayed a band aiming for the most atonal and challenging ends of the black/death spectrum, then I, The Devil will prove that Deiphago have crossed their Rubicon – and they’ve left everyone behind, cowering in their conservatism.

Says founding vocalist/bassist V.666, “This album is a celebration of our 30 years of existence, a cultivation of all our experiences since the band started in 1989. We have worked hard on this album and is the best music we have ever released, filled with dark moods and reeking of destruction. We present to you the essence of pure black metal as it was meant to be like in the early ’90s, when bands didn’t sound the same. This is our magnum opus that will be revered right next to the groundbreaking black metal albums of the early ’90s.”

Continuing, V.666 promises, “This will surpass everything not just in the bestial black/death genre, but the whole black metal scene as a whole. This album stands on its own as diverse and unconventional, filled with monstrous dissonances and intolerable cacophony. It is perfecting the uncontrolled chaos. Kurt Ballou has done a great job as producer, engineer, and mixer, capturing our evil intensity. Normal people will not understand the music, as we have put such a high standard over all the typical trends of today. Beware the release of I, The Devil.”

Release date, first track sample, and preorder info to be announced shortly. Cover art – by Joe Petagno – and tracklisting are as follows:

unnamed (5).jpg

Tracklisting for Deiphago’s I, The Devil
1. Intro: Decimation
2. Quantum Death
3. Neuro-Satanic Circuit
4. 11:4:6
5. Deus Alienus
6. Chaos Protocols
7. Anti-Cosmic Trigger
8. I, The Devil

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