Finnish Metal Band Bloody Falls Posts Video For ” My Halo of Flame”

Finnish metal band Bloody Falls is set to release their debut album ‘Thanatos’ on April 27th 2018 via Inverse Records. The band also unleashed a music video for the track ‘My Halo of Flame’ and you can watch it here:

The band was formed at summer 2017 by a group of crazy individuals that had one thing in common, play music and share the heavy metal madness with others.The band is influenced from a variety (as usual) of heavy metal bands. Take all this knowledge, variety, different cultures and add a personal touch of creativity to get this result.The bands place of origin comes from Valkeakoski, Finland, with a little twist. Tanawat comes from the tropical jungles of Thailand and Stavros from the salty, garlicky Rhodes, Greece.The song creation mostly comes from Stavros, but reaches the audiences ears after a long surgical procedure of dismembering and being put back together countless times from the entire band. Then just add the spark and it’s alive and ready to go out. Kinda like Frankenstein’s monster without the ugly part.

“We like to think that our music style is unique, fresh and brings something different to the genre. With the debut album, Thanatos (2018), we are going to enter the music industry with a (head)bang.”

Listen to ‘My Halo of Flame’




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