All Trans Extreme Pink Metal Band PEOSPHOROS Who Are Against Black Metal Announce Debut Album


Band called “Peosphoros” announces their album “Pink Metal” ?
Below their press release.

“Pink Metal” by UK Extreme Metal project Peosphoros will be released through SGW Records.

“Peosphoros is a strictly politically correct
Trans LGBTQMN Pink Metal band and multimedia art collective who are against black metal.
First fully all Trans extreme metal band.”

The first album “Pink Metal” (2018) will be released through SGW records in UK explores problems of Black Metal culture, modern genocide of minorities, sexual liberation, power structures, sex worker artists.

“All the funds created from the album go to Syrian refugees and freedom of Palestine.”
unnamed (8).jpg
1 – Britney Therapy
2 – Prostitutes Must Die In Genocide
3 – Terrorism
4 – Multiculturalism Is Genocide
5 – Pink Metal
6 – Rape And Kill Animals Attack Women

Line Up:
Ragda Kara – Bass, Vocals
Leyla Braun – Drums, Vocals
Reimu – Vocals

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