Stormzone launch video for “Dark Hedges”; Directed by Game Of Thrones’ technical crew

Stormzone are thrilled to announce the release of ‘Dark Hedges’, the first official video from their new album ‘Lucifer’s Factory’ which will be available worldwide on April 23rd 2018 via Metal Nation Records.

This 6th album from the Belfast-based Heavy Metal merchants features 13 brand new songs all based on Irish myths and legends.

The ‘Dark Hedges’ is a mysterious landmark in Northern Ireland and it has been made world-renowned by being featured in Game Of Thrones. But it is legendary in its own right and has rightfully taken its place in Irish myth and folklore long before being made famous by the hugely successful tv series. Legend has it that one June night each year a beautiful ghostly lady appears under the extensive branches of the Dark Hedges trees for an evening of dancing and interaction with the spirits she has previously invited from the graveyard nearby. One June night of revelry and then, just before dawn, it is all over for another year! Perhaps if you are a Game of Thrones fan and you are planning to visit the Dark Hedges sometime during June you can maybe time your trip just right and be able to join the dark lady and her ghostly guests!

This new video was recorded and directed by Jim Crone who is also responsible for the previous Stormzone video ‘Another Rainy Night’.

unnamed (7).jpg

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