REVIEW: Watain – Trident Wolf Eclipse


Review by Carina Lawrence / Dark Art Conspiracy

Swedish black metal act Watain have unleashed their sixth studio album ‘Trident Wolf Eclipse’ after a five-year gap between albums which marks the return to more traditional aggressive black metal.

The opener ‘Nuclear Alchemy’ gets the dark journey underway with sinister vibes and immediately asserts a more classic black metal style. With its explosive and foreboding unstoppable ending, this is the perfect opener and scene setter…

‘Sacred Damnation’ features some brilliant eerie guitar work throughout and is one of the most melodic, with it’s seeping moody sounds it is a must hear. ‘A Throne Below’ again it features a sense of hope and is very tuneful for black metal making it a dark masterpiece.

‘Towards The Sanctuary’ is instantly creepy with hushed whispers and muffled sludgy instruments whereas ‘The Fire Of Power’ is a blistering and stand out offering which shows their bleak yet harmonious capabilities wonderfully.

The closer crashing and ominous ‘Antikrists Mirakel’ consists of chugging muddy instruments and inaudible sounds throughout and is the longest song featured helping to give it that big and epic end.

This is cunning melodic black metal which is striking and concise, they have truly honed in on their blend of aggressive metal – it flows wonderfully and never outstays it’s welcome, proving that their return to their more traditional style was a wise one.

SCORE: 4/5


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