REVIEW: The Psycho Season – These Paths Lead Us Where We Started From


by Carina Lawrence / Dark Art Conspiracy

The Psycho Season from Finland are back with their latest album ‘These Paths Lead Us Where We Started From’ which has glimpses of grunge, metal and classic melodic rock, making for an interesting a dark mix.

Opening song ‘Ghosts’ is resonant, crushing and hefty. The melodic striking riffs and guitar work throughout see the album off to a good start…

New single ‘No Exit’ again features more melodic guitars and dark instrumentation with powerful vocals which highlight why it is a leading track from the album. Whilst songs such as ‘More And More’ features some particular sinister moments and high impact instrumentation.

‘Two Steps Back’ is ambient and features some of the best vocals with a definite Alice In Chains vibe shining through, whereas ‘End Of The Road’ sounds a bit dysfunctional with some interesting rhythms driving it.

The final song ‘Fall Like Rain’ is immense, melodic and sombre, summarising their sound wonderfully and saving one of the best until last.

The Psycho Season have a unique sound, combining grunge elements with metal and classic rock, giving something for everyone, however, all songs are delivered in a rather bleak and dark fashion, but if you like your music with an unwavering sense of hopefulness then this is a must hear.

SCORE: 3/5

You can listen to their new single ‘No Exit’ below:

These Paths Lead Us Where We Started From, available on December 15th 2017.

The Psycho Season_black&white_2017.jpg

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