Sólstafir release video for “Hula” in advance of European autumn tour

SÓLSTAFIR are premiering a new video in advance of the second leg of their 2017 European tour in support of their latest full-length ‘Berdreyminn’.

The clip featuring impressive Ingmar Bergman aesthetics for the track “Hula” below.

SÓLSTAFIR comment: “When we were on the road in 2013, we came across this place, Hill of Crosses in Lithuania. At the time, we just knew that we would have to shoot a video there one day. We developed a good working relationship with Vesa and Harri back in 2015 with the ‘Miðaftann’ video, and since they are both living in Finland, it seemed a good idea to send them over with the boat from Finland with the camera and help us fulfill this dream of ours.”

Video director Harri Haataja adds: “This time we set out to do video forSÓLSTAFIR outside of Iceland. Aðalbjörn Tryggvason had this beautiful location at Hill of Crosses in mind and we thought that it would fit perfectly for this clip. We also found a couple of other great locations suitable for the story and aesthetic that we had in mind for our video.”

Video credits
Director: Harri Haataja
Cinematography: Vesa Ranta, Harri Haataja
Editing: Aapo Lahtela, Harri Haataja, Vesa Ranta
Camera assistant: Aapo Lahtela
Lighting: Aapo Lahtela
Actors: Eeva-Maria Kauniskangas, Aðalbjörn Tryggvason, and Rauli Marjala

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