New album from black metal legends NERGAL now available

The fourth album from hellenic black metal legends NERGAL is now available via Hammer Of Damnation.

ΝΥΚΤΑ ΓΕΜΑΤΗ ΘΑΜΑΤΑ-ΝΥΚΤΑ ΣΠΑΡΜΕΝΗ ΜΑΓΙΑ includes seven brand new tracks plus intro/outro. NERGAL features members from KAWIR, CULT OF EIBON, DISHARMONY as well as guest musicians from THOU ART LORD, LYKAIONAS and DEVISER.

unnamed (53).jpg


  1. Intro
  2. O Kyklos Tis Fotias
  3. Mora
  4. Nykta Sparmeni Magia
  5. Baba Yaga
  6. Orkos Ston Satana
  7. Swarte Madam
  8. Sabbath (Sunaksi Ton Maggison)
  9. Outro

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