Septicflesh – Codex Omega review by Ekaterina K.

Well, Septicflesh return again with another monumental and epic mix of death metal and wicked   orchestrations. Always being on the edge of metal and symphony, these Greeks put a lot of sense and concept in their albums. “Codex Omega” isn’t an exception from this point. All lyrics of Sotiris Vayenas are always full of symbols and often refers to mythology, occult or biblical themes and moves their music into a new depth, where pompous monster is born.

From the first sight, you can definitely say that this is Septicflesh – album cover says it directly. Seth Siro Anton’s style is unrepeatable. Though I found cover of the album “The Great Mass” (2011) more interesting than this one.

Opening track “Dante’s Inferno” catches attention with it’s softer intro and then crushes mix of splendous orchestra and death metal riffs upon listener’s head. Since “The Great Mass” and “Titan” it was still this orchestra+death metal formula, and on this album Sepriflesh didn’t invent anything new, this formula is brilliantly shaped and re-shaped by them in order to have an ideal Symphonic death metal. “Codex Omega” shows that they succeeded and no one can create more powerful music in this subgenre, than Septicflesh themselves.

In the “Third Testament” there com a bit different colors. With the biblical lyrics, this song has more brutal riffs and drum line, especially it concerns main riff, and even darker and lower orchestra lines, perfectly matching with Seth’s deep growl. Soundtrack of reversed Testaments and broken religious beliefs.

“Portrait of the Headless Man” begins with pressuring and sinister intros crosses with duduk sound, associated with spirits and secrets of the East. Gives a bit dramatism in the clue moments during the song and have its own thin, but unique line on the enraged symphonic death metal canvas. Sotiris’ clean vocals and choirs on the background bring diversity to the Seth’s powerful, but a bit monotonous vocal line.

“Martyr”’s theme itself is already strong and fascinating, at least to me – Hypatia, woman-mathematician and Cyril, the Bishop of Alexandria. Science and religion. Mind and beliefs. This already gives some perception before the listening. Thin eastern vibes are changed by wall of riffs, just to come up to the surface of the song, when the melody turns to its end.

“The enemy of Truth” is perfect match of lyrics and the music itself – Superstate dictates and suppressed the will, so monotonous hurricane of guitars and orchestra does. This song has more dense sound (here almost every song is, but still), and sweeps away all thoughts. The great job of chorus, giving more pathetic vibes, especially in the end of the song.

Unusual piano intro to the “Dark Art” slides into quite unusual structure of the song and orchestrations at this time, with the changes in the tempo. This song has unusual chorus, which makes it more interesting. However, “Dark Art” differs from other songs of the “Codex Omega”, it fits well and doesn’t drop out of the range. Septiciflesh still can bring something new and still stay in the frame of Symphonic Death Metal.

On the next song “Our Church below the Sea” lyrically refers to HP Lovecraft’s oeuvres, which has been already made on the Communion (2008) . This song sound more “metallic” with faster riffs and drum work, and changes between fast and more measured rhythm in choruses with Sotiris’ clean vocal.

“Faceless Queen” refers to the Sumerian primordial goddess – Tiamat. And it’s time again to appreciate Septicflesh’s lyrical themes. A bit “nervous” tempo in the beginning and more epic and slow in the choruses shows religious worship with tits dark ecstasy with its devastating end.

The last two “Gospel of Fear” and “Trinity” are quite different from each other, but seem to follow one after another ideally. “Gospel of fear” with its fierce carnivore sound and “Trinity” with the more “soft” melody, which serves as the nice outro for the album. One lack is that “Trinity” ends too abruptly leaving a listener with the bit of bewilderment.
Worth to mention drummer Kerim “Krimh” Lechner’s work, for whom its first recording with the band and who seem to fit them ideally. Though previous drummer Fotis Benardo was more than technical and created diverse and complex drum part, Krimh blossomed out in his job as well.

Deep lyrically and complex musically – Septicflesh slays with their new opus. It’s great continuation of the “The Great Mass” (2011), and “Titan” (2014), however some details similar to Communion’s (2008) can be found as well.  Thus, “Codex Omega” is definitely one of the best releases of 2017. 4.5/5.


  1. Dante’s Inferno (5:34)
  2. 3rd Testament (Codex Omega) (4:08)
  3. Portrait of a Headless Man (5:00)
  4. Martyr (5:07)
  5. Enemy of Truth (4:55)
  6. Dark Art (5:24)
  7. Our Church, Below the Sea (3:59)
  8. Faceless Queen (5:20)
  9. The Gospels of Fear (3:41)
  10. Trinity (4:07)

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