Virvum sign to Season of Mist

Season of Mist are proud to announce the signing of VIRVUM. The Swiss tech death shooting stars will release their much anticipated second album through Season of Mist and in addition re-issue their debut full-length ‘Illuminance’ via the label as well.

VIRVUM comment: “We are extremely excited to announce our collaboration with Season of Mist. They are without doubt one of the most striving, hardest working labels out there and signing to them was on our wish list since we started this band. During the last couple years, they have proven repeatedly that they have a good and well educated perception of what is going on in the music industry. We could not be happier about the fact that they hit us up, just because one of their employees liked our album. This is something you cannot expect from a label their size, and it is just a small example of why they are one of the spearheads of the industry. We are looking forward to join their roster, and who knows, a new album might be on its way rather sooner than later!”

When a relatively unknown Swiss band released their debut ‘Illuminance’ in the year 2016, only insiders suspected the massive impact of this album.

VIRVUM have been founded by childhood friends in 2007 and since then the aspiring and hard working musicians continuously fine-tuned and honed the tracks of their first full-length to match their burgeoning skills.

VIRVUM first got noted, when guitarist and main songwriter Nic Gruhn happily took the offer to join a European tour with California’s progressive death metal pioneers FALLUJAH while also opening for such renowned bands as SUFFOCATION and CEPHALIC CARNAGE in 2013.

On the return of their guitarist, the name VIRVUM got chosen for the band and they immediately set out to perform as many shows as possible in order to establish themselves in Europe.

In 2015, a first single, ‘Internal Howl’ attracted immediate attention and the same year VIRVUM were picked to internationally support big names such as DYING FETUS, FLESHGOD APOCALPYSE, and DEFEATED SANITY among others.

In advance of their self-released debut full-length, VIRVUM received a massive response for the song premieres of “Ad Rigorem” and title track in 2016, while the album was highly acclaimed by critics and fans alike.

With their professional attitude, the exceptional technical prowess of each individual musician, and last but never least outstanding collective song-writing skills, the Swiss are now ready for the next step. Stand by, whileVIRVUM create a new monstrous record in studio. To be continued soon…

Bryan Berger: vocals
Nic Gruhn: guitars
Tobias Koelman: guitars
Diego Morenzoni: drums

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