DIKTATUR publish video for “Revanche”

French black metallers DIKTATUR have published a video for the track “Revanche”.

Featuring studio footage, the track is taken off “La Voie Du Sang”, which is set to be reissued via Melancholia Records on August 15th, 2017.

Originally released in 2010, the band already had their sophomore album finished by the

time “La Voie Du Sang” was out, so they turned their attention to the new record. The album ended up forgotten, never got promoted and Diktatur’s sophomore album was never released as well due to a rupture on the band’s line-up.

Now, seven years later, the band is ready to show their work to the masses: they have created new artwork, changed the tracklist order, remastered all tracks and included two exclusive bonus tracks from that album that never saw daylight.

“La Voie Du Sang” is available for pre-orders at this location: http://www.melancholia-records.com/product/diktatur-la-voie-du-sang-2017-limited-digipack-edition

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