AVATAR – win fan voted “Breakthrough Artist” at Metal Hammer Golden God Awards

The citizens of AVATAR country have spoken: On Monday night AVATAR didn’t just play at the prestigious Metal Hammer Golden God Awards in London, but they also won the fan voted “Breakthrough Artist” award. Congratulations!

AVATAR recently released a relaunch of their latest album, “Feathers & Flesh”, and it’s available as 2CD Jewelcase as well as Digital Album. “Feathers & Flesh (In His Own Words)” is “Feathers & Flesh” with the matching (audio) book added as in between spoken words forming a double album.

Vocalist Johannes Eckerström on the concept of “Feathers & Flesh”: “It’s a fable about an owl who goes to war to stop the sun from rising. It’s a tragic story of someone ultimately being set up to fail. She will learn many lessons and encounter many other creatures with ideas of their own. In the end, however, one must ask if something was learned at all.”
So how did the circus freaks from AVATAR end up in a land of fairy tales and talking animals? The clown and the circus were born from the darkness in all of our minds. Their music opens the door within us that we otherwise would not find. What AVATAR has done has always been of a psychological nature. Thus that trademark sinister grin is the mirror none of us want to look in to. Now the clown has stepped out of our nightmares and sits down next to us as we lie in bed about to fall asleep. He brought a book and with the help of his little creatures he tells us a story about the duality of the human experience. The book was available for purchase alongside the album. “It was just too many words for a CD booklet,” the vocalist states, making AVATAR the first band of its kind releasing a physical book alongside the album. Now this very book was added to the relaunch of “Feathers & Flesh” as in between spoken words, forming the “Feathers & Flesh (In His Own Words)” 2CD.

You can either secure your copy of “Feathers & Flesh (In His Own Words)” at your favourite shop, mailorder or platform or just check the following link for options:http://smarturl.it/FeathersAndFleshIHOW

Check out the videos released for the album:
“The Eagle Has Landed”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4p6GWewmTYQ
“New Land”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rNYEy2qabKU
“Night Never Ending”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j8B6ZWlgqdk

AVATAR will make appearances at a number of highly coveted hard rock festivals in Europe this summer:
14.-17.06.17 (AT) Nickelsdorf – Nova Rock
16.-18.06.17 (F) Clisson – Hellfest
16.-18.06.17 (BE) Dessel – Graspop Metal Meeting
22.-24.06.17 (DE) Ferropolis – With Full Force
22.-24.06.12 (NO) Fredriksten Fortress – Tons Of Rock (ES) Madrid – Download Madrid
16.-19.08.17 (SE) Falun – Sabaton Open Air

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