Gunpowder Gray to release “Premonition” on cassette


Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, Gunpowder Gray deal a concentrated dose of rock and roll that is as potent as it gets.

“Premonition”, the band’s second offering boasts a stripped down, tough-as-nails, four-piece that has truly found its stride. Massive guitar riffs harken back to an era when Marshall full-stacks were cranked up high and loudness was revered. Razor sharp hooks incite sing-along choruses within songs that are equal parts punk in aggression and heavy metal in sheer power. Short and to the point, you will want to leave “Premonition” on repeat. This release is issued on cassette, limited to 200, with 100 casings in black and 100 in white. For fans of Motörhead, Danzig, and Thin Lizzy.


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