REVIEW: Kladovest – Ignitiate

REVIEW: Kladovest – Ignitiate 

Review by Ekaterina K./ Dark Art Conspiracy 


1. Hermit Dungeons
2. Beneath The Reaper Shadow
3. Shore Of Ancient Moons
4. Carved In Scars…
Dmitriy K. – music, all instruments
Gjenfard – vocals
Vintrald – lyrics
Kladovest is a Slavic Neopagan concept signifying the “well of knowledge” that can be compared to the Akashic records in theosophy and related esoteric schools.
From the first note it lugs away into the deeps of melancholic canvas.

Imagination immediately creates the branches of the trees that have their leaves long lost. Dirty guitars vary with atmospheric clean ones, and sharp and fast riffs – changed by slow and stringy like a spider web, ones.

As “Shore of Ancient Moons” clean guitar parts are beaded on a lackluster thread of main black-metal riff. Embittered, collapsing on the verge vocal, gives the impression that the voice, reaching the edge, falls into the deep and disappears from the musical cloth. But it throws and shouts words till the end.

There is nothing original or new that Kladovest came up with, but together it turned out to be magical in its own desperation.

Score: 5/5 definitely.

”Ignitiate” is available via No Colors Records.

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