REVIEW: Teleport – Ascendance

REVIEW: Teleport – Ascendance 

Review by Ekaterina  / Dark Art Conspiracy 



1. Nihility
2. The Monolith
3. Artificial divination
4. Realm of solar darkness
5. Path to omniscience
Jan Medved (vocals, guitars)
Lovro Babič (bass)
Matija “Dole” Dolinar (guitars)
Darian Kocmur (drums)

The beginnings of the band date back to 2010 when three fans of sci-fi thrash metal were brought together and they started playing together. Soon they recorded their first demo, which was never released and after that in January 2011, there has been a change in the lineup of the band. Later that year they released a demo entitled “Galactic usurper”. In November 2013, the quartet released their second demo “Stellar damnation”. New Ep titled “Ascendance” was released in late 2016.
First, what catches an attention, it’s a description in preview – “Genre: Sci Fi Death/ Black Metal, Lyrics: Sci-fi, Space conquest”. Sounds intriguingly. Not a lot of bands who’s digging these themes deeply come to mind. Alien “Nihility” is an opening for the next four songs and prepare us for space conquests. But, on this “sci-fi” atmosphere unfortunately ends. Next tracks go smoothly after each other, material is quite easy to listen without heaped and extremely difficult elements, though it’s not primitive. Solos are in place and in harmony with rhythm, with inclusions of clean guitar sound, which gives more atmosphere to music canvas, like in the “Path to omniscience”, for instance. Vocal descends from the high-pitch screams to growl that cannot fail to please. Well, in the “Ascendance” feels band’s diligent work and EP may antedate a good album. Made on the same level, at least. EP “Ascendance” is self-released and available via band’s Bandcamp profile.

Score: 4,5/5



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