Trash Bombz Reveals “Master Of The Dead” Album Art and Tracklist

Sicilian trashers Thrash Bombz reveal cover and track list of their upcoming album “Master of the Dead”, which will be released March 3rd. via Iron Shield Records. “Master of the Dead” is the second full-length album of the band after their debut album “Mission of Blood”.

1. Condemned To Kill Again
2. Ritual Violence
3. Master Of The Dead
4. Curse Of The Priest
5. Black Steel
6. Taken By Force
7. Evil Witches
8. Evoking The Ghost
9. The Avenger
10. Call Of Death
Total Playing Time: 53:11 min

Giuseppe “UR” Peri – rhythm guitar
Salvatore “Skizzo” Li Causi – lead guitar
Tony “Stormer” Frenda – vocals
Salvatore “Trronu” Morreale – drums
Angelo “Destruktor” Bissanti (only on this CD) – bass and backing vocals

Visit at

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