REVIEW: Quintessenz- To the Gallows

Review by Ekaterina K. / Dark Art Conspiracy

In 2010, Quintessenz was formed as a one-man-project by Genözider.(Bulldozing Bastard,Vulture,Luzifer). After the first Demo in 2011. The First EP under the banners of “Evil Spell Records“, namely “Okkult Metal Spell” from 2012, was a contiunuation to this kind of Metal . Rough sound, simple Riffs,Fuck-off-attitude! In 2013 the first Album “Back to the Kult of the Tyrants” comes out and was a complete dedication to the “First Wave of Black Metal“ Bands like Venom,Celtic Frost and Hellhammer.
The new Album  “To the Gallows” goes one step further and is more melodic. The development results in more complex song structures, many details in songwriting and surprises the listener with unawaited elements that gives an in depth experience. They ́ve added a lot of influences from classical heavy metal this time full of variety in the songs which are often hymnic melodic, but also aggressive without denying their roots.
Straight to the edge and very in your face Quintessenz’s second album crashes on the listener’s head their uncompromised sound from the first song – “Zeitgeist Verreke.” Abrupt drums, harsh vocal and raw guitars are making a good…Quintessenz. Influenced by heavy metal melodic solos, as in ‘Sounding the Funeral Bell” or “Endless Night” for example, bring diversity to raw riffs in early thrash’n’black metal traditions, which at some moments get closer even to crust. Aggressive harsh yelling switches to clean vocals gives dramatic drop to the dirty sound. Especially it gets its high point in “Endless Night” when vocal mixed with acoustic guitar sound and then turns into slow guitar solo. Worthy to mention eastern-type melody, which gives an exotic breeze to “Seth” and then continues in fast riffs during the whole song. Need to mention interesting elements like recitative in beginning of “To the Gallows” and female vocal, which gives more atmosphere to this song. Songs’ structure is also diverse, changes in tempo and guitar work make album more complex and deep. “To the Gallows” is made smoothly, all songs are on their place and don’s stand out, though this album can’t be described as monotonous. Strong and quite interesting release.
Score: 4/5


01 Zeitgeist Verrecke
02 Of Majestic Shores
03 The Claws Of Nosferatu
04 Her Spell
05 Sounding The Funeral Bell
06 To The Gallows
07 Endless Night
08 Seth
09 Gloomweaver
10 Cursed By Moonlight
”To the Gallows” has been released in January 1st via Evil Spell Records.

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