KEROSCENE – Like The First Time (Single Review)

KEROSCENE – Like The First Time (Single Review) by Carina Lawrence 


London quartet Keroscene have created an interesting sound for themselves, not putting themselves in a box. They are free to explore and play with the genres. They have gained attention from Q Magazine and been placed in noteworthy Spotify playlists, highlighting them as a new and upcoming band to watch.
The band recorded two singles with Matt Peel (Eagulls, Pulled Apart By Horses). The first ambient single, “I Can’t Do A Thing” showcases their vast influences, drawing from a more post-punk vibe.
And now with a year new, brings a new single titled “Like The First Time” which has dark undertones with a slight melancholic sound, with lyrics such as “like the first time you killed me” and “forever entombed” adding to this sombre side. It features twangy indie guitars tinged in a dark ambience, aided by the electronics creating more atmosphere and depth. As it progresses more elements creep in with a crescendo, making quite a powerful impact. This isn’t really heavy music, but through its bleak and broody sound it intrigues and demonstrates the band have a lot to convey. The song is thought provoking through its lyrical content, as its about being alone, not loneliness, but more about we are on our own when we come into the world and when we exit and about the importance of understanding life to lead to content and fulfilment. So the band manage to successfully take us on an interesting and philosophical journey, both musically and lyrically. This is an impressive feat for a new band, and gives you even more reason to check them out.

Video link – “Like The First Time”


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