BLOODRAINBOW announced third full-length, “Upheaval”

BLOODRAINBOW announced third full-length, “Upheaval”

Hungary’s neoclassical power death metallers BLOODRAINBOW have announced the release of their third full-length “Upheaval”.
The band’s sound is a crossover between the atmosphere from the south american “fiesta” and russian and north african battlefields, combining trumpets, saxophones and other wind instruments with the brutality of death metal.

“Upheaval” is available for full streaming at the band’s Youtube channel:

For more info, visit BLOODRAINBOW on Facebook:



1. Born of Gods
2. Debauchery, fall, expulsion
3. Outcast from Eden
4. Harpoon and Sonar
5. Stalingrad
6. Rolling sand of Alam Halfa
7. Indestructible armor
8. Conquistadors


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