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REVIEW: From Eden To Exile – Modern Disdain


Northampton Modern metallers From Eden To Exile have been rapidly building a name for themselves since their inception. Early in their career they secured a slot at the ‘New Blood’ stage at Bloodstock festival in 2015 and have played alongside heavyweight acts such as Trivium, Black Label Society, Cannibal Corpse and more. They show no signs of slowing down and are ready to make an even bigger impact with their anticipated debut album ‘Modern Disdain’…

First track ‘Gospel Untold’ is a metal whirlwind, as its crushing, powerful and unforgiving, aided by the stomping heavy guitars and overall impressive guitar work, hellish commanding vocals and strong dark melodies. This makes quite an impressive with this first offering.

Title track ‘Modern Disdain’ again delivers belligerent vocals, fast driven riffs, and defiant and strong lyric statements such as “worked like slaves, if you look at the facts, mankind was born to kneel”, with yet more impressive blistering guitar work again from Tom Kelland and Mike Bell.

Single ‘Volatile’ is vast and tense with charged vocals and guitars. The melodic tones give it a hopeful vibe through the instrumentation, as well as offering up some head banging worthy breakdowns. This acts as a perfect summary of the album.

‘Victim’ keeps up the heat and momentum as seen throughout, with a tense build up and extremely melodic riffs with punishing and effective screamed vocals from Matt Dyne. This is a stand out track for me, as it offers up more diversity than some of the previous tracks. Whilst ‘The Dreamer’ shows some of the best guitar work seen so far, demonstrating their talents further. This is a resonant and all round impressive strong track that is a must hear.

Self-named song ‘From Eden To Exile’ is groove ridden and a great one to let loose too, and again breaking things up a bit and showing something a bit different is ‘What You’ve Done’, which features some interesting rhythms and unpredictable turns.

Closing song ‘Sentiment’ sets out to demolish once again in this last tumultuous blow, largely helped by the effective ambient instrumentation.

This is a very hefty extreme metal album that gives you non-stop intensity, massive breakdowns and strong snarling demanding vocals throughout. From Eden To Exile clearly, execute their craft and impressive musicianship with this debut.


SCORE: 4/5


From Eden To Exile’s debut album ‘Modern Disdain’ is released 2nd June, via Attic Records/PHD.


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