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Batushka Updates: New Track from Krzystof, New Album Art from Bart.


 Batushka recently have suffered a line-up split with both sides claiming to be the real band which has been a very strange and confusing situation for fans.

We recently did an exclusive interview with the founder and creator of Batushka, Krzysztof Drabikowski (guitarist and songwriter)

Then Batushka (Bart’s version) made an announcement about situation few weeks ago. 

And  then the  court has recently ruled that until a final decision is reached as to who owns the band, Batushka, (Bart’s version) is not allowed to release his album or have any concerts under the name “Batushka”, or the cyrillic variant of said name.

After that the Metalsucks.com shared news from the Attorneys’ about Bart’s side . 

And now we have heard amazing new track from Krzystof (listen below) 

Батюшка – “Песнь 1” from “Панихида” album (STEREO version) composer and author of the lyrics: Krzysztof Drabikowski 2019 Батюшка

And now there’s Album art available for the Bart’s version. 

Album art for Bart’s version of Batushka set to be released via Metal Blade Records.