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Finnish atmospheric metal band Alase release a new single and video

“Vailla nimeä” single continues on Alase‘s new, more progressive path. There are two vocalists in the song, of which Juha Tretjakov sang in Alase’s previous song “Poissa silmistä”. Another vocalist, Markus Hirvonen, has sung in several Alase songs (most recently on “Jäljet”), and he has also been the band’s live vocalist. A variety of different vocal styles have been utilized in the song, ranging from brutal growls through screams to beautiful melodic singing. The lyrics and composition go hand in hand, starting with the gloomy wintery death doom metal, moving towards spring and light. “Vailla nimeä” showcases a more modern style than what the band’s previous material has had, and there are more technical riffs and drum parts aboard.  

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Atmospheric metal band Alase release new single and music video

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Alase comes back with the new “Jäljet” single after the “Vastaus” album that was released last summer. The song shows many aspects of Alase, from airy atmospheres all the way to heavy hitting post-metal grooves. The band is heading towards more progressive expression and ”Jäljet” is the first sample of this. The song’s line-up is the same that Alase has for live shows, Markus Hirvonen on vocals and in the drums there is Markus Majaniemi who is the band’s newest member. When the band was originally formed they used to release digital singles only and now Alase returns to this way of working and releasing after the “Vastaus” album.