Better Noise Music – Presents: “12 Days Of Xmas” Day 10

Better Noise Music, home to bands including Five Finger Death Punch, The HU, NOTHING MORE, Bad Wolves, Asking Alexandria and many more, present their 12 Days of Xmas!

Each day beginning from Tuesday, December 13 until Xmas Eve, Better Noise will highlight some of the biggest albums they have released this year!

Rumble Of Thunder

What more can be said of The HU? Most recently the band received a very special UNESCO “Artist For Peace” Designation. The first heavy music band to receive such an honor.

Hailing from Mongolia, The HU have combined traditional music and instrumentation performed in their native language using native instrumentation with Western modern rock stylings to create a unique and catchy sound they have labelled as “Hunnu Rock.”

Across its 12 tracks, Rumble Of Thunder connects the world to Mongolian culture and its unique core values of natural preservation and spiritual connection with the earth. These core values are on full display in the album along with deeply meaningful lyrics that uplift Mongol people, as the band wishes for prosperity and peace among all.

Rumble Of Thunder is available from

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