Better Noise Music – Presents: “12 Days Of Xmas” Day 6

Better Noise Music, home to bands including Five Finger Death Punch, The HUNOTHING MOREBad WolvesAsking Alexandria and many more, present their 12 Days of Xmas!
Each day beginning from Tuesday, December 13 until Xmas Eve, Better Noise will highlight some of the biggest albums they have released this year!

The Retaliators Soundtrack

Garnering a 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes during its film festival run across the most prestigious horror film festivals, The Retaliators centers on an upstanding pastor, who uncovers a dark and twisted underworld as he searches for answers surrounding his daughter’s brutal murder.
A brutal movie needs a brutal soundtrack and The Retaliators OST sure does!
Led by the Mötley Crüe track “The Retaliators Theme Song (21 Bullets)” and featuring songs from Papa RoachFive Finger Death PunchThe HUBad WolvesAsking AlexandriaCrossbone SkullyCory Marks and many more, the loudest record of the year!
The Retaliators Soundtrack is available from 

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