UPON THE ALTAR release live video from upcoming split with DeathEpoch

Polish band Upon the Altar presents a music video recorded live in the PiekłoNiebo studio. It consists songs from the upcoming split with the DeathEpoch group. The material will be released by Putrid Cult in mid-August and will be titled “The Dead Chant”. The recording is in the studio live format, the musicians performed the entire set live – SETA 100. Ataman Tolovy was responsible for the audio-video production.

Check out the video below:


1. The Dead Chant
2. Interludium I – Ablutio In Igne
3. … After Us Only Silence
4. Interludium II – Ablutio In Sanguine
5. Hiems Nuclei Pro Humanitatis
6. Interludium III – Ablutio In Fecas
7. Theotokos Wept

Band photo: Ataman Tolovy

PiekłoNiebo is a studio that was found upon an opposition.
Wood acoustics and analog equipment provide a noble sound for those who are not afraid of the truth.
The sound should be just documented here, according to the SETA standard, developed by herds of scientists, detained in the underground laboratories, at
the unknown location.
The acoustic interior was designed by a team of appreciated constructors – Nature and Chance. The Devil himself is a main manager here.


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