Behemoth ‘Evangelion’ vinyl re-issue now available via Metal Blade Records

On June 11th, Behemoth will release a vinyl re-issue of their classic album, 2009’s Evangelion, via Metal Blade Records. Pre-order your copy now at: – where Evangelion is available in the following versions:
– white / gold melt vinyl

– clear w/ black splatter vinyl

**includes gatefold jacket, poster (17″x24″), 8-page book

Behemoth released their latest full-length, I Loved You At Your Darkest, in 2018 to critical acclaim. I Loved You At Your Darkest marked a milestone in the history of the band, being not only their most successful album, but also an audiovisual masterpiece: from its detailed, blasphemous artwork, to the highly vicious and at the same time deeply emotional tracks, Behemoth once again played with fire – and ignited a wildfire burning the narrowminded bigotry of Christianity down to the ground.

Stream and purchase I Loved You At Your Darkest now at:

Behemoth online:

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