Finnish melodic metal band Evil Drive is taking big steps forward with their upcoming 3rd album, both musically and technically.
Evil Drive, started in 2013, plays melodic metal. Their music combines the melodic side of Iron Maiden, the heaviness of Slayer and a very charismatic female singer. Evil Drive has published 2 full-length albums: The Land of The Dead (2016) and Ragemaker (2018).  Both albums received excellent feedback from the media. The much awaited third album Demons Within will be published 2.4.2021 worldwide by  Reaper Entertainment Europe and it will be distributed by Universal Music.

The band has been through some lineup changes since the last album; Antti Tani (drums) and Matti Sorsa (bass) are new band members. Evil Drive is now hungrier than ever before, and you can hear this on the new album.
Evil Drive is endorsed by Jackson guitars USA, EVH amps, Shure microphones and Korte drums.

Label: Reaper Entertainment Europe
Distribution: Universal Music

Band is
Viktoria Viren – vocals
J-P Pusa – guitar
Ville Viren – guitar
Antti Tani – drums
Matti Sorsa – bass

A YouTube link


A Spotify link https://open.spotify.com/artist/4dQ6ENHVxFAEbJMH8BtZGw

Evil Drive is represented by Metal Coffee Pr

Interview request can be sent to metalcoffeepr@gmail.com

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