1.Introduce yourself and your band and tell us why we should listen to you.

I’m Jake Meditz, I play in Vile Cynic. You should check us out if you’re into fast paced metal with catchy hooks, blast beats, pummeling double bass and groove. We are all into different types of metal so we combine a lot of influences in our music so they all have a different feeling and vibe to them.

2.What do you classify your sound as, Who do you tell people you sound like?

I’m really not sure who to compare our sound to. I’ve never put much thought into it. Our influences and writing are all over the place. We just classify ourselves as Metal basically. If we feel like writing a black metal influenced song, then so be it, we might add in some Maiden inspired harmonies as well. Just whatever we’re feeling.

3.With digital music in today’s world would you vote to keep or eliminate physical media?

Never. I love buying Cd’s. There’s nothing better than having a physical copy with the artwork in your hands.

4.What is the reason you decided to be a musician and has that reason paid off?

I think the reason for all of us becoming musicians is just because we love writing heavy music and getting on stage and putting on a good show and entertain people. Whenever I see people knowing the lyrics or catch people wearing our merch, I think it’s paid off.

5.How do you feel about females in metal getting special attention? Do you feel it is fair?

I think it’s great that they are getting more attention this day and age. I’m sure there’s been plenty of great female musicians in metal that may have been overlooked just because of that.

6.In the world climate with hatred being at an all time high and metal being an “ angry” music
Do you think your music contributes to anger and hatred? I think we definitely contribute to anger. I think that’s part of the point of heavy music. It’s a great release.

7.Are you opposed to religious beliefs or politics being used in music?

Not at all. Some of the best metal songs were written about politics and religion.

8.We have dive into some pretty deep issues here do you think your music sends a message and if so what is it?

I wouldn’t say we send a direct message. People can interpret them as they want. Our latest EP has some lyrics and themes with some deeper meanings in them.

9.The market has changed and many bands believe that record labels are a thing of the past, with many labels now charging bands to “sign” how do you think a band can make it in todays scene?

Busting your ass, getting out there to promote, learn how to make contacts, get your fan base to help share your band on social media. Hiring a good PR company, taking every opportunity you can to get your music heard. It seems like it’s mostly DIY these days. Making sure every band mate is equally dedicated to do what it takes to promote and get you heard and jumping on every chance they can to network.

10.Why with the thousands of options including Netflix , sporting events everything on demand Why do you think people should take the time to listen to what you have to say in your music?

With the amount of politics and bias news spewing their filth and becoming more and more involved in sports events, and since half the country has been stuck home for the past year almost, I feel like people are tired of sitting home doing the Netflix routine. Now is as good a time as ever for people to start checking out their local talented musicians, bands, artists and support them and the venues. We have a few songs that might really resonate with some people lyrically, we have a broad range of styles we like to play to keep it interesting instead of sticking to one type of genre of metal. That’s a hard question to answer. You never know what song, lyric or riff might resonate with someone.

11.How do you feel about pay to play?

Do you think it is fair for a band to have to pay money to play?

Not a fan of pay to play. Bands always seem to get fucked in the long run.

12.It is fact that you are the talent and the entertainment explain what you think is the most important key to success?

Dedication and persistence

13.In country music and even in some cases rock music is written and performed by different people would your band perform a song written by someone else?

Yeah i definitely think we would. Why the hell not. We’ve talked about doing a cover for awhile, but not a typical metal cover.

14.If you are pro female in music are you pro using sex to sell your music?

Absolutely pro female in music. Haven’t pop stars been doing that for the past 30 years?

15.What is your view on the lawsuits against people saying lewd or unprofessional things to women or men and how does that affect an art described as sex drugs and rock n roll ?

I think it makes people think twice about making asshole comments in general. It can still be sex drugs and rock n roll, but maybe don’t be a piece of shit.

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