REPORT: BRUTAL ASSAULT #24 Organisation pros & cons

We have brought to you some info and photos from the festival musicwise, but please, continue to read about some new stuff and organisation here in this last BA 2019 dedicated article.


The organisation of the festival was practically perfect again except for the drink queues in the heat, which always seemed to be long and slow, but that’s my own personal opinion. I thought that maintenance of “luxury“ toilets was tiny bit worse, but that could be my distorted memories. Of course, compared to ordinary mobile toilets, it was blessing whole the time. Ordinary ones were cleaned on daily basis too of course.


I was little upset by early start of the band, CARPENTER BRUT. A quarter hour does not seem that much, but it is still enough to miss a decent spot to see a band. BRUTALLY DECEASED could at least play the second time at prime time, instead of DEICIDE which missed a plane. But because shorter setlist, the next band started sooner. I personally think festivalgoers would be more happy if there were longer breaks between bands. Personally, I would be really happy for a closer exit near Obscure tent where is a spot only for supply chain. People dwelling at the one end of Jaroměř would save some serious minutes to get to the concert area.

I have to praise the online app for phones with set time  information and programs. It would be possible to cancel informational cards this way to save some coins and nature, but I understand some people will wanna have some nice reminder, too.

Some new attractions were introduced this year. Brutal Assault is kinda special in this regard as there is something new every year. Cooperation with edgy post-apo group Junktown was really nice and interesting Idea. Every fans of Mad Max, check the guys out. 😉


Someone wiped down few tears after losing in old Street Fighter II, Metal Slug and other game classics on old arcade machines. This was a nice place to hide against the direct sun or rain. Organizers also prepared a small decorated ossuary…

There was newly addition of “Fear house”, which should resemeble the escape games, so popular these days.

Fear house

Again, there was also Jameson Stage, where you could borrow instruments and jam with your firends or alone. Some people were enjoying these guys often even more than some big bands as it was more spontannous experience.

Jameson jamming stage

New this year was a war hospital museum with lots of props. The exhibit gudes weren’t the best and I have to give praise to a young dude who knew quite a lot compared to the actual guides the exhibit had on hand.


There was an incredible variety of food vendors and everybody had to be satisfied for sure. There were plenty of food choices for carnivores and vegetarians/vegans alike. My favourite meals were in vegan quarters, eventhough I am not one. Also the black (metal) ice cream was great. No idea how it was made and I rather do not wanna know the origin of the color, but with the heat factor at times, it was a godsend.


All things considered, this year’s festival was great. I did have not had that many expectations, but all ended even better than I could imagine… I am really curious what is going to be new and happening next year with BA‘s 25th anniversary. I look forward to this festival every year as it’s my favorite thing on my calendar for me… \m/

Thanks for reading and surviving my Engrish. 🙂

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