Sliptrick Records Welcomes CARRY THE TORCH

Swedish metallists Carry The Torch sign to the new record label.

The band were formed in 2010-2011, but didn’t start writing music seriously before 2016. The inspiration for the music they make comes from everyday life and a lot of musical influences from all over the world. For the band these days, it’s all about having fun with music but still pushing themselves to the limit, this is their mantra and main reason to continue and evolve. They wanna be the best Carry The Torch they can be and nothing less than that.

The first release from the band will be the full-length album Obsession to be release via Sliptrick Records later in the year. For the tracks, Dennis and Philip re-wrote 10 old songs and polished them until they were “up to date”. The spark was there, so the band came together to record and see what the future would bring. A lot more metal in this kind of style can be expected from Carry The Torch, but when and how no one knows …keep the flame burning!

Carry The Torch are:
Dennis Johansson – Vocals | Philip Nilsson – Guitar | Victor Wahlstedt – Guitar | Björn Lindgren – Drums

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