Emilie Zoé released and streamed new album ‘The Very Start

New album for immediate release on Hummus Records.

It took Emilie Zoé and her drummer Nicolas Pittet two years to find a way to lay those songs on tape. After playing them live so many times, they just didn’t know where to begin. The only thing they were confident in was to have Christian Garcia-Gaucher (Velma, Meril Wubslin) and his cinematographical magic around them.

The three of them locked for a few weeks in a rehearsal room, and reinvented all these bittersweet tunes from the very start. And it appeared they needed to stick closely together, all by themselves, until the very end of the album was done.

It’s almost like they would never stop. We can happily say that the output was worth the wait ; ‘THE VERY START’ is a touching brew of intimate melodies and narrative lyrics, carefully infused in a moving sonic space that enlights even the smallest accidents that happened in the room these songs were (re)born in.

Available for CD, LP & Digital through Hummus Records (Coilguns, H E X, Killbody Tuning, Ølten…), ‘The Very Start’ is now physically distributed worldwide through The Orchard, Plastic Head Music, Membran, Season of Mist, Irascible Music. Digital distribution worldwide through The Orchard.

Stream the full album on Bandcamp | Get your CD/LP copy on the Hummus webstore
…For the record…Emilie Zoé has always done things by herself. She writes, records, and manages her work only following her precisefeeling of what’s correct and what’s not. She published the highly remarked and disgustingly direct ‘DEAD-END TAPE’ LP on Hummus Records in 2016 and started gathering a solid team of trusted friends to follow that sameprecise feeling of where to bring her music.

Projects have blossomed since then in all kind of directions and onecan see Emilie now adapting her bluesy songs for theater plays, tv shows, live movie soundtracks, lectures, and soon. She also found some time to release and tour a bluffing first album with 90’s lo-fi outfit Autisti.

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