Doom Metal act DRIFT INTO BLACK Release New Single\lyric Video

New Jersey’s Doom Metal act DRIFT INTO BLACK has just completed their first full length album entitled “Dead Suns Under the Forever Moon” to be released October 12th on Digipak CD as well as all streaming services.

“This is a concept album about absolute cold revenge by being used as the devil’s puppet” Craig Rossi says. “How much revenge is too much? Do two wrongs make a right? When all of that rage, adrenaline is gone and there’s nothing left, can you feel normal again? Was it all worth it?”.

The first single “Death From Above” can be heard below accompanied with a lyric video. The track can also be downloaded from the band’s Band Camp page (link below)

“Dead Suns Under the Forever Moon” is the followup to Craig Rossi’s first digital EP released late 2017 entitled “Shadow People”.


Album artwork designed by Ongky Widyanto.


“Dead Suns Under the Forever Moon” track listing:

01. Reign

02. Sifting Through the Dead

03. Left in the Ash

04. Hollow

05. Gone but Not Forgotten

06. Death From Above

07. No Return to Light

08. Home

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