Poland’s Raw Black Metal act Mystic Rites – “Threads” EP Out!

Mystic Rites  “Threads”  EP Available!

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Formed in 2012, Gdynia, Poland’s raw black metal act Mystic Rites are unleashed their new EP “Threads” on Saturday March 31, 2018 . The EP contain two tracks , total clocking in at 18 minutes.

Order via mysticrites@outlook.com

Watch previously released video trailer online below,

Krzysztof „Nebiros” Domański comments, 

“We’ve gone a step further with the new record in terms of musical maturity compared to our previous releases, 

as we wanted to free the music from the chains of schematic compositions and riffs that one might expect us to play. 

While there is certainly a link in the sound to what we’ve done before, and the musical tributes to the early 90’s is still largely there, 

we’ve gone to great lenghts to make this offering as uncompromising and authentic as possible.” 

The tracklisting for “Threads” is as follows: 
1. Threads 9:07 min
2. And So the Silence Died 8:20 min.
Release date: March 31, 2018
Recorded in July 2017 by Nebiros andLikskrømt of Kvesta.

All music, photos and cover artwork by Mystic Rites.


photo by Anna Ødegaard

Mystic Rites are:
Nebiros – Vocals, Guitars, Drums


– Bass

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