DEIQUISITOR to release “Downfall of the Apostate” April 23 on Dark Descent Records

From beyond the reach of our solar system comes the Downfall of the Apostates; fast, brutal and unearthly new death metal from Denmark’s DEIQUISITOR.

Comprised of veterans of the Danish scene, Downfall of the Apostates includes nine new songs recorded at Ballade Studios in Copenhagen and mastered at Resonance Sound Studios by Dan Lowndes. Slightly more varied than the debut self-titled album from 2016, without losing the uncompromising fist-to-the-face death metal approach for which the band are known. Downfall of the Apostates dwells on occult science, conspiracies and the extraterrestrial and is accompanied once more by a MFJørg cover illustration.


Dark Descent Records will release Downfall of the Apostates on CD, digital and vinyl formats on April 23.


Album Credits:
Outro by Hurlicy Dunes
Guest vocals: “Downfall of the Apostates” by M (Taphos); “Planetary Devastation” by S.D (Phrenelith); “War on the Gods” by M (Taphos) and S.D (Phrenelith).
Produced and mixed by Lasse Ballade. Mastered by Dan Lowndes.
Cover painting by MFJørg. Layout by Inferno Graphics. Band photo by Naya Buch.
Band Bio:
DEIQUISITOR was formed in 2013 by Henrik B.C and Thomas F.J, both of whom spent time in several Order of the Nonagram bands such as BLODFEST and WOLFSLAIR. The duo has returned to their roots in old-school death metal. Those familiar with Henrik and Thomas’ work in the Danish underground scene will recognize elements of the part appearing in their new material. DEIQUISITOR is fast-paced, aggressive and atmospheric death metal influenced heavily by the sound and style of bands who ruled the genre in the early 90s.
Demo 2013 demo tape (2013)
Hexagon Vortex EP (2014)
Deiquisitor (2016)
Sword of Pestilence 7″ EP (2017)
Downfall of the Apostates (2018)
Henrik B.C. – Drums
Thomas F.J. – Guitar/Vocals
Daniel A. – Bass/Backing Vocals

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