Pavillion rouge’s new album will be out on March 30th

Pavillon Rouge is coming back with « Dynasteïa Klub », which could be considered as a epic opera on a cosmic dancefloor. The lyrics refers to Ancient Greek Philosophy, and deal with themes like Discipline, Joy and Forgiveness. More danceable, more powerful than ever, their music will be supported by a video clip, and by many concerts.

« War on the dancefloor » would be a good way to describe French band Pavillon Rouge’s music : an explosive mix including techno beats, new wave sounds and extreme metal guitars. Since 2009, they’ve been creating a brand new style in the industrial scene, and they come back with their third album « Dynasteïa Klub ».

25/05/2018 : Little Devil Tilburg (w/Blacklodge)
26/05/2018 : Tba The Netherlands (w/ Blacklodge)
14/06/2018 : Modra Vopice Prague (w/ Gorgonea Prima)
15/06/2018 : Czech Death Fest Cervený Kostelec)
16/06/2018 : Melodka Club Brno (w/ Gorgonea Prima)
17/06/2018 : Velbloud Ceske Budejovice (w/ Gorgonea Prima)

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