Mark Deutrom reissues sophomore album, ‘The Value of Decay’ (2011)

MARK DEUTROM, the prolific multi-instrumentalist from Texas, former MELVINS member, and NEUROSIS producer will reissue his stunning second full-length, ‘The Value of Decay’ (2011) in various physical formats on April 6th, 2018.

An introduction to this many-faceted record is provided by the heavy blues-rocking sludge buzzer, “Buried in the Jewel” at the link below.

‘The Value of Decay’ is also streaming in full through various services at the link below.

The album cover and additional information regarding ‘The Value of Decay’ and MARK DEUTROM can be found below.

unnamed (10).jpg

1. From the Deepest Well (2:42)
2. Darksider    (1:50)
3. Dim Candle (5:44)
4. Au Printemps (2:18)
5. Love Story Pt. 1 (1:17)
6. Making a Killing    (8:34)
7. Love Story Pt. 2 (1:16)
8. Buried in the Jewel (4:52)
9.  Victor’s Closet (1:49)
10. Love Story Pt. 3 (0:58)
11. Cities of Gold (7:35)
12. Blood Fairies (3:50)
13. Perish the Thought (2:58)
14. Curtains (3:25)
15. Love Story Pt. 4 (1:42)
16. Empire Sands (8:58)
Total playing time: 59:48

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