ROOM ME Posts New video ‘Memories’

“I will end like a shadow covered by your sorrow” may be considered as the sentence that summerize the best the video clip. Running, this movement is in total contradiction with the slow music. The drums is omnipresent and repetitive.

The video-clip relates the end of a love story.

it’s a way to turn into pictures what can happen in somebody’s mind when something is wrong.
The loved one is chasing me, always catching me just in time.
But never stop running: either to escape or to end the situation (end scene where I am on the edge of the precipice and where I hesitate to jump).
He catches me at the end. 
But we do not know if I jump anyway or not …

ROOM ME is the stage name of the musician Anne-Sophie REMY. She is a singer and French composer. She worked in numerous groups as singer, chorus-singer, bass player, violinist and guitarist. ROOM ME, it is under this name that she decides to publish her music. She begins at first to compose in her corner without thinking necessarily of registering(recording) a day then she decides by means of friends to launch into the adventure. She records her first 2 EP: “Dirty Hôtel” in 2013 and ” To late ” in 2015.

For fans of  Shannon Wright, PJ Harvey, Chelsea Wolfe

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