Karab Release Teaser Video For Upcoming Single ‘House In The Sand’


The musicality of Faith No More and the unhinged vitriol of Glassjaw may not seem obvious bedfellows, but then this is not a bed. Taking equal parts prog rock and nu-metal, with a desert-esque penchant for reverb, on paper Karab should be the party no one turns up to. The first riff you hear though, is a gateway onto one very slippery slope.

Joseph, Rob and Chris grew up together in the backwaters of South West London, becoming inseparable like pieces of litter in Teddington Lock. Instrumental and imaginative muscles were toned, music was made in various guises, until Karab was born with the introduction of invasive species Jack and Luke. The shards of psychedelia and brutal riffery began to align, and a bigger picture came into focus.

Like all the best organisms, there is a significant gestation period. After around 2 years of stewing, the first release – a concept EP named Growth – graduated into the public domain in March 2017. In its wake, 2 tracks were recorded with producer Alex Loring (FOES, Wren, Big Spring). The first, Cornucopia, has recently been released. House On The Sand will follow in January 2018.

Check out the teaser video ahead of the full release of the new video ‘House On The Sand’ below:


With live dates including a headline show at Camden’s Devonshire Arms, film and artwork, and more studio time with Alex Loring booked in, the work continues.

To find out more about Karab:



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