UK’s Black/Death Metal masters, STAHLSARG announce pre + cover and track list for their upcoming album Mechanisms Of Misanthropy

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UK’s Black/Death Metal masters, STAHLSARG announce album cover & track list + Pre orders  for their upcoming album Mechanisms Of Misanthropy Out October 31 st 

Formed in 2013, Stahlsarg immediately took to the road to travel through the land and spreading their immense blend of Black Death metal  to the world.
one foot in the underground and yet steady rising fast.
The bands has done a share number of remarkble shows around the Europe including supporting the German Legions in Endstille on more than one occasion.
their debut album  Comrades In Death came out 2015 on All hallows Eve via Danish label Mighty Music and brought the band to new shores, a new era was to begin, the band worked and continued to march across the battle fields of Europe,  2016 followed with big steps as the band continued to march across Europe with heavy steps this time bringing devestation  over to Norway,  Belgium, Holland and Germany.

Stahlsargs music is best described as a , Technical  Dramatic, Poetic and visually captivating.

The band had this to say about their new album 

 “Our music is used to highlight stories of a time of oppression, resistance, survival and death. From the fast to the melancholic and from the bombastic to magisterial we create atmospheres to maximize the hard hitting lyrical content.”

Mechanisms Of Misanthropy was  produced by the known audio expert, Danny B Takoma known for working with bands such as (Criminal, Lockup, Dimmu Borgir, the album was recorded  at HVR Studios in the UK –

Guest vocal from Kim Dylla (A winter lost, Gwar, Kung Fu Dykes) and an arrangement from Brian Moss from Vicious Pink
The Magnificent visual art was created  by Simon Bossert of Metal Artworks known for doing artwork for  bands like  Keep of Kalessin, Unlight, Imperium Dekadenz, Necronomicon.

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Mechanisms Of Misanthropy Out CD/Digital October31st 

Track listing 

  1. Raise The Dead
  2. Das Fallbeil
  3. Blonde Poison
  4. Pharmaceutical Frontline
  5. Far Beyond The Dragons Teeth.
  6. Burn and Destroy
  7. Hope Lies Frozen
  8. A Will To Endure
  9. Aerial Night Terrorists
  10. In The Lungs Of The Earth

The official video for the track “A Will To Endure ” Can be seen at

Pre order the new album Mechanisms Of Misanthropy

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