The Dead Soul Communion Release Debut Video “Suicide Lullaby”

The Dead Soul Communion is a brand new project from Ex-Devilment founder Daniel Finch. The band also features Steve Harris (British Lion) and ex-Dearly Beheaded drummer Simon Dawson.

They have released their debut video for “Suicide Lullaby”. The first track is taken from the band self-released and self-titled debut album being released on 28th July. The graphic video was directed and shot by Machete 88. “It depicts a struggling alcoholic who battles his demons, which is very close to my own life” said Finch, who recently gave up drinking, to live a sober life.

You can check out the dark video below:

The album took two years to write and record, and was recorded at Finch’s home studio Seventh Wave Studios.

Lyrically the album talks about internal struggles, love, relationships, suicide, self-destruction, acts of violence, war and mental illness.

You can pre-order the album from and also receive an instant download and stream of the album.


Daniel Finch – guitars, vocals, keys (ex 13 candles, ex pain control, ex devilment)

Edwin Mascorn – vocals (psychosism, immortal empire)

Paul Jensen – keys, acoustic guitar, backing vocals (devil’s music)

Kev Jackson – bass (synaptik, ex d-void)

Simon Dawson – drums(ex dearly beheaded, ex one minute silence, british lion)

Marc Hoyland – additional keys (heathen deity, 13 Candles)

guitar solos – Dan Jackson(ex devilment)

Find out more:

“For You” promo Video

Pre Order CD

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